Work Packages

To reach its goals, the KIDS4ALLL team has elaborated a workplan with 9 complementary work packages.

WP1 - Project Management

The overall project management activities will be led by University of Turin as grant holding institution and provide for the coordination of the consortium on the one hand, and of all project activities on the other hand.

WP2 - Learning from each other: planning the future

The development of contents for the online and offline learning instruments will ground in the data collection and analysis, that are central subject of WP2, guided by University of Padova. A targeted exchange of best practices on macro, thus in a European context, meso and micro level aims thus to tap out the wants and needs of the contemporary learning population and on socio-political level in the various pilot countries.

WP3 - Sharing solutions: concept and content development

The content development as one of the most complex work packages is steered by University of Jena and will be dedicated to the development of two kinds of contents:

  • firstly, those to be implemented in the online and offline learning environments, that will be created and tested in the pilot action
  • secondly those for student and staff trainings, to manage and successfully implement the learning platform. In particular the staff training will consider a variety of aspects and vulnerable issues that are expected to challenge the implementation of the learning method.

WP4 - From theory towards practice: tools development

In WP4 our technical experts from Ars Media will implement all developed contents into an appealing online KIDS4ALLL learning platform and App, and further provide for a KIDS4ALLL Handbook as offline tool to widen the access to the learning material.

WP5 - Building competences: capacity development

The contents for student and staff trainings developed in work package 3, will be implemented in a 5-months training phase in all participating pilot schools and organisations and centrally coordinated by Levinsky College in Israel to prepare them the best possible way for the upcoming testing phase.

WP6 - Pilot phase

Now it is time for the first pilot phase launch, that will test the know.what and areas. After having received their first theoretical and practical training ISCED 2 and 3 creators will design their first own learning contents and provide them in the second pilot phase to their peers and Users from the ISCED 1 group.

WP7 - Lifelong learning: pilot assessment

Our pilot assessment team led by INDIRE is travelling along all testing phases and will focus on a thorough evalutation of the KIDS4ALLL learning methodology. They implement accordingly a pre-test during the 1° pilot phase and a post-test once the co-created learning contents have been provided to the diverse targets.

WP8 - Creating impact: dissemination & sustainability

Bill Gates ‘Content is king’ concept is the leading motto of our Communication & Dissemination team, that will provide strong guidance for the entire project duration to all partners. Sirius as WP-leader will thus centrally implement target-centred measures to inform a wide audience on the project progress and keep the growing KIDS4ALLL community posted on evolving results.

WP9 - Ethics requirements

Working with children and vulnerable groups is highly sensitive issue and needs to be monitored by a team of experts. This is why the KIDS4ALLL Consortium is supported by an ethics board that will consult all partners on legal, ethical and socio-cultural issues linked to the work with children in an educational and highly diversified environment.

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