A collaborative and inclusive learning framework to address the integration challenges of migrant children.

The project

KIDS4ALLL project has been granted in the frame of the Horizon2020 Work Program SC6 entitled ‘Europe in a Changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ and with particular reference to topic 5 that focused on integration challenges of migrant children in educational contexts.

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The project in a nutshell

In this short video you can discover the KIDS4ALLL overall objectives, the Partners, the content and the methodology and also its target groups and the different steps of work.

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Learning method

The KIDS4ALLL learning method draws on knowledge acquisition skills training and attitude transfer to convey lifelong learning competences as a whole within a collaborative and co-creative learning process. As a response to the educational needs of children, in particular of migrant children, and of educators as pathfinders for continuous lifelong and life wide learning, the project is grounded on three Key Inclusive Development Strategies (KIDS) towards LifeLongLearning (LLL), which represent the specific objectives of the project.

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KIDS4ALLL aims to implement a pilot action that will experiment the learning
method in an online and offline learning environment in formal, non-formal and informal
educational contexts to address the integration challenges of migrant children.

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The KIDS4ALLL consortium includes partners and stakeholders from a total of 17 EU and non-European countries that span over 3 continents. It has been composed according to three main criteria, which is the partner’s awareness for the topic, curiosity and research interest and finally a thorough expertise in the field.

In accordance with the characteristics of the Innovation Action in general, and with the KIDS project in particular, the composition of the partnership has envisaged a wide range of work teams, that span from knowledge partners, to social-educational and policy players to technical experts.

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A book that talks about inclusion and stems from the KIDS4ALLL project


A book that talks about inclusion and stems from the KIDS4ALLL project
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