At the youth center- concluding the year and enjoying together

The end of the year at the youth center is a difficult and emotional time. On the one hand, this is when the youth finish school and are happy and fulfilled - yes, they did it!

But at the same time, this is a stage when they are required to say goodbye to the young volunteers at the youth center because they are at the end of their year of volunteering. The young volunteers are starting to prepare for army recruitment and feel stressed before three years of military service.

by Michal Meishar & Dolly Levi, Levinsky College

At the youth center- concluding the year and enjoying together

This period repeats itself every year, and the children experience parting with a significant guide, a young volunteer, every year. Therefore, the volunteers shared with us that this is a period in which there is anger and fear, like what will happen next year, and they are also sad because it was a significant year. Relationships and a personal connection were created, and now they must end it and say goodbye.

When we came to summarize the activity, the atmosphere in the youth center was calmer. The children and volunteers finished several projects. We saw the walls painted and arranged as they wanted. Quality seating areas were donated so that the youth center took on life like a living room at home.

The children were happy to see us, and in the yard, they were already calling us loudly from afar - here are the KIDS4ALLL teachers. There was significant learning that we managed to interest the children, and they experienced learning that involved sharing and listening. The meeting with friends creates a time together in which there is a dialogue about important matters to them.

The director of the youth center and the leading guide, four volunteers, the children's group, and the young children's group were present at the concluding reflection conversation. In the concluding remarks, the volunteers encouraged the children in a supportive atmosphere. They presented how significant the project was and that the children should consider their ability to write, speak, give ideas, and open their minds to new things. To enable the children to share, we prepared cards with questions and answers, only one of which was correct. Each pair of children pulled a card and chose the correct answer together. The children enjoyed and laughed, and there was a buzz of learning and sharing. for example,

The digital footprint -

1. The information disappears because it is not interesting

2. My footprint in the picture

3. What I wrote was written only in English

4. What you wrote is saved and can affect your affiliation friends

There were cards with a saying about a topic, and the children had to write the four answers.

The youth center asked the children how they would like to end the year with volunteers. The children want to eat 'Shawarma' together at the neighborhood restaurant. They want to create social fun with the volunteers, where they have no boundaries but friends.


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