At "Hagalil" school. Learning about KIDS4ALLL

Within the many collaborations built through KIDS4ALLL, the Levinsky-Wingate college in Tel Aviv has started a partnership with Hagalil school in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. In this article we talk about the project presentation day, dwelling on the teachers’ reactions and opinions about KIDS4ALLL activities. Enthusiasm and passion have driven this important occasion!


By Michal Meishar

At "Hagalil" school. Learning about KIDS4ALLL
KIDS4ALLL, partnerships, presentation, innovative learning methods

As part of the collaboration between the Levinsky-Wingate college and Hagalil school in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, we participate in the international project sponsored by the European Union, "KIDS4ALLL".

Neta, Hadar, and Lila, teachers, and educators are proud to participate in the project. Our Principal, Sigalit Yamin, invited us to explain the project in front of all teachers and workers at the school. We presented the eight competencies for LLL and showed the project’s Logo. We showed the project's website's extensive contents and the learning outcomes of the students created according to the project's plan.

The teachers were impressed by the exciting activities aim at strengthening the students' literacy skills, at expressing their opinions, asking questions, and promoting creativity in the children's learning products, as writing posters. We used the topics "Fake News" and "Digital Footprints" as examples of the project's content.

Our presentation provided school staff with many new insights into these issues and with strategies to put them into practice in the school environment. We explained how the project's contribution aim at strengthening the relationship between children. Not only can social activities support integration and inclusion among children, but also the pedagogical training can do it. So, the children sit together and learn from a shared experience through the fantastic, colorful, and relevant learning units. We explained how children can examine the different issues from their life world’s perspective, and how they can make use of their new abilities by transmitting them to other children at school.

The staff showed interest in the project, understood its importance to the children's education, and asked a wide range of questions. For example, the teachers wondered what lifelong learning skills are and why they have been chosen.

After the presentation, many teachers showed interest in using the learning units and the website. So, we have become experts in promoting literacy in the digital space and in teaching outside the patterns we are familiar with. Thanks to the project, we have developed a stronger awareness of what can stimulate a higher-quality teaching.

Our next step will be to show the KIDS4ALLL project to children’s families, as well s to involve stakeholders and practitioners from the city's education system.

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